Breathwork Training – Module # 2:

Childhood Healing
Reclaiming your Passion and Purpose
Letting go of shame,
Remembering your innocence and wonder,
Rekindling enthusiasm for life!

Part 1 Personal Empowerment interview with Nicholas and Susan

Part 2 Personal Empowerment interview with Nicholas and Susan

Reconnect to the beauty, innocence and wonder that is YOU!

You were born open, perfect and whole. Life was an adventure just waiting to be explored. In growing up you may have lost touch with this essential aliveness. Empowerment is about remembering your true nature by healing the split between who you are and who you have become.

Three things are striking about inner child work,” says John Bradshaw,

“the speed with which people change when they do this work,

the depth of the change and

the power and creativity that result when the wounds from the past are healed.”

Awaken Your ‘Inner Child’ and…

Rekindle your sparkle and enthusiasm for life
Feel more whole, at peace, happy and at home in yourself
Release pain, guilt, fear and shame that holds you back
Let go of feelings of inadequacy and love yourself for being who you are
Release burdens, lighten up, have more fun, laugh more

What’s it about?
Empowerment is about maturing into a peaceful, happy, balanced, loving, confident and effective adult who feels whole and complete within your self.

This could be for you if you…

Were you abandoned, rejected or islaoted as a child?
Were not encouraged, loved, held and touched enough?
Suspect guilt or shame could be holding you back.
Feel disatisfied, like nothing ever seems to be good enough?
Had parents that were alcoholics or addicted.
Were physically, emotionally or mentally abused.
Seem to always be too busy and can’t stop to relax?
You could do with a bit more confidence.
Sometimes feel insecurity or low self-esteem.
Become emotionally reactive in relationships.
Eat as a way of soothing yourself.

This is achieved by:

releasing limiting beliefs and behaviours you formed in childhood when you were truly less powerful
healing childhood hurts
recognising and nurturing unmet developmental needs
claiming your place in the world by connecting more deeply with your core, and realising your essential rights
owning your authority as you connect more deeply with your inner guidance
loving and accepting yourself more fully for who you are now by releasing unrealistic expectations and mystified parental projections
reconnecting with the open, innocent enthusiastic, happy and alive being you may have lost while growing up.

Some Background
We all have basic developmental needs that must be satisfied for us to mature into happy, balanced, loving, confident and effective adults. Whenever we get hurt, part of us stops growing. As adults many of us are still living from beliefs and patterns of behaviour we established in our childhood.

Learning Outcomes of Empowerment

Feel more whole, complete and at home in yourself
Release shame that holds you back
Let go of feelings of inadequacy and claiming your place here on earth
Come to love yourself for being who you are
Master anxiety and break through fear based limitations
Contentment: release unrealistic expectations causing frustration and disappointment
Be more at peace with who you are by dropping comparisons and connecting in your heart
Gain confidence to express yourself more openly
Be less needy of others’ attention, acceptance and approval
Become more real, authentic and direct
Release unhealthy habits and destructive behaviours
Trust yourself more – reclaim your own authority
Establish more honest, supportive and fulfilling relationships
Open your heart to let more love in
Take more risks in living the life you desire
Lighten up: Release burdensome over-responsibility patterns
Be a more playful, light hearted person who laughs more

Did your parents show signs of being:

Addicted to Sex, Sugar, Drugs, Alcohol, Emotions, Abuse, Illness, Food, Religion, Success
Shamed and in guilt
Emotionally or Spiritually bankrupt
Angry & full of rage
Or having Personality disorders
Abused themselves in any way
In a Loveless Marriage
In a dysfunctional relationship
In fantasy bond
Numbed Out & displaced
Projecting onto others
People pleasing and over giving
Compulsive spending
Bulimia or Anorexic
The enabler or martyr
Or showed criminal behaviours

Then you are likely to be carrying shame and guilt. We all do in some way. You don’t have to carry it any longer.

In this workshop we will help you heal your inner child and bring integration of harmony, self love and acceptance into your ADULT life now.

The Program
Family Dynamics

Needs and Developmental Stages
Personality and family roles
Parental Disapproval syndrome
Healthy boundaries
Introduction to Emotional Mastery -Understanding Emotions
Emotional Mastery – Feeling Healing
Channelling Anger Creatively – Claiming your rights
Self Image and Self Esteem Building

Breakthroughs – Mastering Fear

The anatomy of fear
Birth and fear
Fear and attack
Reality and fear

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