Opportunities For Growth…


2013 BY DESIGN – Saturday February 2
On Saturday February 2 you can join us for a fun and creative day – putting loads of positive energy into making 2013 a great year.

I have spent over 20 years working on ‘conscious creating’ and I will share with you powerful techniques that will assist you to get what you want more quickly and easily.

Some people wonder why it happened
Some people think about making it happen
Some people make it happen!

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Passionately Alive is our foundational Emotional Intelligence Training where you can learn and practical skills to enhance your personal effectiveness, manage stress and anxiety, deepen relationships, gain clarity of direction in life, heal the past, get more in touch with yourself, gain motivation and energy for for making the most of your life.


  • Relief from life’s pressures: stress, anxiety and frustrations
  • Greater self love, self confidence and inner peace
  • Motivation, energy and direction in life
  • Fulfilling and connected loving relationships
  • Health, well-being and release of physical pain by resolving negative emotions
  • Living your life fully, being at your best, more successful and feeling more happy and contented


Breathwork Training

A Heart Opening, Life Transforming Journey and a Practitioner Training…

In the same way as people dream of their ultimate potential, I have spent the last 20 years assembling in my mind and heart the ultimate personal transformation process.

I invite you to join us on this life transforming journey…

Participants rave about the training with comments like those of Peter Grinlington:

“Apart from getting married and having children, nothing else has had such a profound impact on my life.”

We love the Breathworks training because of the profound, positive life changes participants make. The Breathworks training gives you the opportunity to make deep shifts and then to consolidate and deepen these shifts 1 month later, and we do this 5 times over!

Two levels of attendance You can attend at either of two levels: PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT or PRACTITIONER:

You may choose to attend the training purely for your personal development by attending the 5 personal empowerment modules.

The training offers you an excellent opportunity to gain qualifications to establish a rich and rewarding career in Emotional Healing and Empowerment – an area of healing that is rapidly gaining interest and recognition.

The Breathwork Training is conducted in three stages:

Breathwork Training Foundation (Certificate III level)

This stage qualifies you to work as an assistant at group Breathwork Sessions.

The requirements to fulfill stage are:

1. PASSIONATELY ALIVE: Attend, refresh twice and assist once

Passionately Alive dates for 2013 are:
February 21 – 24 April 18 -21 June 27-30
September 5- 8 November 21 – 24

2. Complete 2 days of Practitioner Training (held consecutively).
Following PA on Monday and Tuesday
February, June or November

3. Complete assignments from home.

Breathwork Training Practitioner (Certificate IV level)

This stage qualifies you to register with Australian Breathwork Association, gain professional indemnity insurance and earn a living as a Breathwork Practitioner.
The requirements to fulfill stage are:

  1. Complete 5 Modules
  2. Complete 5 practitioner training days (The Monday after each module)
  3. Complete assignments from home

The 5 Modules are:
ALCHEMY July 25 – 29
EMPOWERMENT (childhood healing) August 14 – 19
WOMANHOOD September 19 – 23
MANHOOD October 10 – 14
RADICAL BREAKTHROUGHS (Spirituality) November 7 – 11

Stage III – Gain Government Certification

Stage III is optional for those who want Government certification.
Apply for certification from International Breathwork Trainings (RTO).

There are five Modules. They can be attended individually:

At Alchemy you will learn how to access your heart’s intelligence and direct the subconscious powers of your mind to:

  • Create inner peace, loving relationships, financial abundance and success
  • Master self sabotage: clear patterns that keep us stuck in under achievement
  • Improve self image to feel better about the person you are
  • Enhance your body’s ability to heal by improving your immune system functioning
  • Achieve more, save time and enjoy your life


Rekindle your innocence, playfulness, enthusiasm and wonder for life.
We all have basic developmental needs that must be satisfied for us to mature into happy, balanced, loving, confident and effective adults. Whenever we get hurt, part of us stops growing. As adults many of us are still living from beliefs and patterns of behaviour we established in our childhood. It is not until we revisit these early decisions we made that we can make new life affirming choices.


It is about men and women establishing a stronger, more resilient sense of self through understanding, celebrating and honouring the aspects of the masculine and feminine essence.

Fostering open hearted, self assured men and women who want to gain:

  • Clarity and Motivation: Identify your purpose in life, your values and future direction.
  • Deepen or attract meaningful and healthy relationships
  • • Emotional Mastery: stress and frustration into energy for success
  • Freedom: Clear issues that are causing holding you back
  • Confidence: To live your life, regardless of what others think
  • Reflection: Get some perspective in your life

These two seminars are held concurrently and separately.


“We (Nicholas and Susan) are familiar with the challenges of keeping love and passion alive amongst the pressures of modern life (including running our own business and parenting our two young sons: Charles and Alexander).

After being together for over 12 years we have explored how to use Emotional Intelligence to keep the spark of love and passion alive in our relationship. Heart Tantra gives us a lovely, enjoyable way to continue to deepen our intimacy and connection”.


‘Radical Breakthroughs’ and journeys through the physical, mental and emotional realms into the nature of consciousness:

“At the centre of your being there is a vast ocean of Peace, Love and Happiness Not knowing who you are is the root cause of fear, unhappiness and misery.

When you realise who you are, you are instantly liberated, released from suffering.

No longer are you bound and controlled by the fears of your personality,
You are truly free.”
— Nicholas de Castella


Ongoing Emotional Intelligence Mentoring Group with Nicholas de Castella

Run in school terms, this Dynamic 10 Evening Program of Practical Exercises cultivates Heart Centred Living so you can feel peaceful, connected and alive, be healthy and happy, living your life fully and giving your greatest gift to the world – You!

MEN’S GROUP: L.E.A.P. – Life Empowerment and Achievement Program

Men’s group is about being at our best, giving our best shot at our lives, living fully and constantly challenging ourselves to grow.

Its about getting clear about our goals and priorities and making sure that we live by them.

And It’s about developing and enjoying real male friendships.