Breathe Your Way To Freedom!

“Breathwork is one of the most beautiful, healing and profound heart opening
experiences you can have“. Nicholas de Castella



Begins June 20-23

Experience this powerful, life transforming training where you get to heal the blocks that have been weighting you down and holding you back as you develop the emotional intelligence skills to facilitate healing and transformation in others. Learn how to gently help others to dissolve anxiety, release frustration and find inner peace, self love and happiness.

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1 Day Breakthrough Seminar. learn to breathe, feel, heal, love!
Discover a gentle breath based practice to identify and clear the blockages holding you back or slowing you down.

3 1/2 day Emotional Intelligence training so you can release stress anxiety, depression, find inner peace and happiness, deepen relationships and find passion for life!


MBS Nicholas and susan 2013Looking for a Better Way?

If you have been looking for a better way of living, if you long to feel more alive, and be the best ‘you’, you can be (a great husband, wife, mother, father, leader or perform at your peak), but you feel haunted by your past, heavy hearted, flat, empty, frightened of getting hurt again, disconnected, losing hope, and not sure how long you can keep going like this, then you are in the right place…

Breathwork is a drug free, natural way of clearing the blockages that hold us back, slow us down and prevent us from living a fun and enjoyable life.

Breathwork is a dynamic breathing process that can help you to discover and release the underlying causes of stress, anxiety, depression,  poor self esteem, lack of confidence, lack of passion, relationship conflict, procrastination and poor results in life.

With Breathwork you can connect inner peace and happiness, increase self-awareness, empathy  and resilience, boost well-being and vitality, find more passion for life, deepen relationships and gain the clarity and confidence to create a life you truly love.

You are in good hands working with us.

Nicholas and Susan de Castella are practitioners and trainers who each have over twenty five years experience in Personal Development. Nicholas de Castella represented Australia in 4 world championships, but his own growth journey began in 1988 when found himself  suffering from chronic fatigue. He has been a full time Breathwork practitioner since 1991 and a Breathwork Traininer for eighteen years (since 1997).

Susan de Castella began her journey of personal transformation as a teenager who suffered from anxiety. This lead her onto yoga,esoteric studies, mediation, massage, Reiki and Breathwork. She has over fifteen years experience as a Breathwork Practitioner and Trainer.

They are married with two young boys, live and breathe personal transformation. Their passion is for opening our hearts, connecting and living life to the fullest.

“The amazing potential of Breathwork continues to inspire us on our journey. A journey that continues to unfold.

Our philosphy is that we are built for wholeness and health. We just need to create the right conditions for healing and true empowerment to happens in. Breathwork facilitates this shift gently and naturally with ease and grace.

We invite you to come and join us or one of our graduates to explore the extra-ordinary power of Breathwork”.

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2019 Breathwork Practitioner Training!

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Breathwork training 2015Breathwork Training Participants

Today we feel very blessed to be surrounded with friends who share a passion for their own growth and for assisting other to live rich and happy lives.

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We hope that you will also enjoy the benefits of Breathwork.

If we can be of asistance to you, please feel free to contact us.

Wishing you the best life has to offer,

Nicholas and Susan de Castella